About Us

Hello friends! Let me introduce myself. My name is Subhrojit Ghosh, a dreamer from a nondescript village in India who has no big degrees or job yet but has enthusiasm for everything that is strange and curious. I love to gain the priceless knowledge that our world withholds in it, and share them with curious minds like yours’. This is why I have started this blog, Curiosm.

Here you could find articles based on strange, weird and unknown curious things that are happening around the world. Besides these, you might also find here educational knowledge, tour & travel related stuff, articles on historical events, as well as some important news and entertaining media. I will also provide some best needful tips and tricks filtered from my personal experience. So keep knowing, because you definitely deserve it.

All the information and media shown on this site have been collected from various well-known sources and personal experiences, then uniquely crafted by myself to be published in good faith. And this website doesn’t hold any copyright about such contents like, some images and media. To know more, read the Disclaimer Section.